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Channahon Sports Medicine

Murphy Spine & Sport is a local chiropractic office that serves those in Channahon and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of services for individuals who are experiencing pain in ranging areas of the body, including the neck, shoulder, back, and other extremities. Dr. Bryan Murphy is available for consultation and professional treatment to get you feeling like your old self again.


Man with neck pain

If you struggle with tension, migraine, or chronic headaches, regular chiropractic treatments may give you the relief you are looking for. These sessions can also help with wry neck, sprains, tightness, and strains. The neck is a very tender area, and should be properly looked after to make sure you are comfortable and not putting yourself in further risk of damage. At Murphy Spine & Sport, we also care for whiplash, Cervical Stenosis, and Cervical Spine Disc Protrusion/Herniation. With regular visits, your neck pain will show great improvement and you will experience a noticeability in your amount of neck movement.


Man getting shoulder massage

We offer rehabilitation services for shoulder sprains, strains, Rotator Cuff Syndrome, dislocations, and Rotator Cuff tears. At your sessions, we will gently adjust and exercise your shoulders to begin the process of getting full mobility back. Regular visits will help ease the pain and heal the damaged shoulder area. We also offer our chiropractic services for Shoulder Tendinitis and Scapular Dyskinesia.

Elbow, Wrist, and Hand

Wrist pain examination

Murphy Spine & Sport knows how debilitating elbow, wrist, and hand injuries or pains can be to your daily schedule. Not to mention your workout routine and sports team! We offer adjustments and treatments for tennis elbow, golfers’ elbow, sprains, strains, and De Quervain’s tendinosis that affects the thumb’s mobility.

Lower Back

Office worker with back pain

One of our lower back services include rehabilitation for lumbar and spine surgeries. Additionally, we regularly treat scoliosis, tightness, Lower Cross Syndrome, sprains, strains, Sciatica, and Sacroiliac Syndrome. Lower back pain can come from common mishaps such as improper lifting, poor posture, or small accidents. We can provide adjustments as well as refer you to one of our massage therapists. Our other lower back treatment programs are available for Lumbar Spine Disc Protrusion/Herniation, Lumbar Spine Stenosis, and Lumbar Stenosis.


Woman stretching rehabilitation

Hip bursitis affects the outer area of your hip, or the outside part of your upper leg. Regular treatments and physical therapy at Murphy Spine & Sport can help manage your chronic symptoms and make walking, running, and general functions much easier. We also offer rehabilitation services for post-surgical hip replacements, as well as sprains and strains.


Man running with knee pain

Our office at Murphy Spine & Sport offers a wide variety of knee treatments for sprains and strains, among many other pains you may be experiencing chronically. We also offer rehabilitation services for post-surgical knee replacements, ACL tears, and meniscus tears. Additionally, our chiropractic office can help with Patellofemoral Syndrome, knee bursitis, IT Band Friction Syndrome, and knee arthritic pain. With regular treatments, we can get more mobility back in your knees and ease the pain of walking, standing, and exercising.

Ankle and Foot

Foot massage treatment

Ankles and feet can be easily damaged during sports games, exercise, playing with your pets, or any activity that has the potential to get too rough for these areas. We offer chiropractic services for sprains, strains, and Plantar Fasciitis. Fasciitis in the Plantar occurs when there is inflammation of the thick band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes. If this is an occurring issue for you, we can recommend regular visits and other options such as shoe inserts or surgery referrals if severe.


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